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Friday, 29 April 2016


An African proverb says: the slow pace of a tortoise does not mean it won’t get to its destination. Parents sit their children especially those budding into adulthood and lecture them endlessly on the literal meaning of the proverb. They disseminate the ideology that one must be wary, one must possess patience and it should be a golden virtue to be successful in life .Furthermore, they claim that our dreams, our ambitions, our hopes and aspirations should be something we tread gently so as not to become tear-eyed and paint our legacy with shame.

Old age comes with wisdom and it becomes difficult to dispute these ideas but with the advent of things and the pace with which developments has overwhelmed our modern society one may have a rethink and wonder it these Methuselah ideas still holds water.

Life has been overwhelmed with dynamic speeds that the modern society is still trying frantically to catch up with. Competitions between man has skyrocketed in business cycles, political spheres, private establishments, public sectors, entertainment industry and even religious organizations to a point where one has to be brutal and sturdy enough to fit in; a mere iota of weakness could be the beginning of ones undoing.