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Monday, 8 February 2016


"Toofaaaan aiya aiya"

 A voice boomed from an old fashioned black and white TV displaying a motion picture of a figure pulling unbelievable feats of stunts in the air. Kabiru glued his small eyes on the onscreen figure prancing like a horse in the air, his small hands moved rhythmically trying to mimic the crushing blow the figure landed on his assailant. Kabiru's small mind exploded in awe as his hero flushed his assailants with a sweeping move.

"I wan be Toofan"

He squealed in delight to his younger brother, Hassan, who yawned tiredly at the screen reflecting brightly before his sleepy eyes.

“I go protect Aisha from badt-badt boys" Kabiru rattled on like a gramophone.

Hassan fluttered his eyes open trying to subdue the sleep that was stealing over him; Kabiru had spat