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Thursday, 16 June 2016


Push! Push! Push!

Congratulations, it’s a healthy baby boy.

The profound fulfillment and ineffable satisfaction that goes with 
successful child delivery is something that men would never fully understand. Little wonder, mothers especially first-time mums 
stream into tears of joy when the medico garbed in white spills the “golden news”.

If you are a lady and your daughter-mother relationship hasn’t 
bloomed to the point where your mum intimates you in a tete-a-
tete on the joy of motherhood, perhaps you may want to re-adjust your stoic relationship with your m
um in order to be schooled properly before being adorned with the insignia of motherhood.

Motherhood is amazing! It’s a golden-sized trophy that beclouds the fantasy of every young woman; the latest wedded bride can attest to that!

Let our mind not hover on the heights of cloud nine without taking into consideration the discomfort and metamorphosis associated with childbearing. It begins with the conception of life where even the woman remains in the sea of oblivion until the signs begin to manifest itself.

Nausea creeps in, weakness and dizziness becomes persistent, unending waves of hunger, becoming highly restive and some may have high tantrums; ask your mum about it, she knows better.
You may want to skim through the rest of the piece just because you have an inkling of what it’s all about; your guesses are a far cry!

If not, let us flip over the page with the pointers established and center our mind where we have been “pregnant” at every point in our life; it’s weird but it’s true.

Let me ameliorate your perplexity, it’s not the beautiful bulging tummy of your mum when she was with your baby sister, rather take your mind back to times when you thought you had the perfect plan in your life only to renege on them later not because they were not good but because you were not proudly pregnant with your perfect ideas and plans.

Often we write grand visions and scheme out conditions and guidelines to achieve them but never discipline ourselves to follow our laid down principles, here is an example:
As kids, we make unending resolutions to start saving money in that tiny tin box of ours, we keep to the firmness of purpose for the first few weeks by continuously adhering to our conditions to save (probably to get the latest bike) and suddenly in the ensuing week we become spendthrift by spending from the savings; we forget the rules! We spend the money with relish until it becomes finished.

Sure you recall those childish memories; I did it too!

The problem is as adults we have continued this way often leading to lots of Miscarriage. You don’t believe me? When was the last time you followed your laid down resolutions to details or rather how many executed plans have you ok on your done list? Let’s not deceive ourselves!

Just like the pregnant woman, being proudly pregnant with your grand visions comes with metamorphosis and discomfort your body hates; nobody likes stress! We want fun and so distractions become our Top buddy. We eventually play away our pregnancy to miscarriage.

We get distracted by the fun our body craves for and when the fun fizzles out, we go back to the drawing board setting very strict and strident principles to achieve our newly pregnant visions. Unknowingly we’ve murdered a babe vision without compunction.

The profound fulfillment and ineffable satisfaction of bringing ones vision to fruition in order words a successful delivery is something only you can fully understand, by-standers only shake your hands and say “congratulations”. They never really mind how you did it!

By-standers never mind the pains, the discomfort or the unbearable conditions surrounding the labour period of a pregnant woman, they are only in for the celebrations after the baby arrives. So in reality, people show little or no care about your rules or regulations or how you conditioned yourself to birth your grand plan, they are more concerned about the party celebrations after your delivery, in order words your achievements.

It would be unwise for you and I to peruse through the content of this piece without grasping the essence of the gospel message. It is pivotal especially to the teeming youths of the present century who conceive ideas, visions, and plans beyond the conventional only to throw the baby out with the bath water at the end of the day.

Funnily enough, we resort to poring over the contents of books on why we act the way we do, why are we dummies,40 ways to know you are foolish,30 practical ways to cure dummies etc. We think we’ve found the solution to our problems. If so, why do we meander and dance foxtrot on square one? Let’s not deceive ourselves.

Here is the truth!

It’s simply choice. There is no two way magic about it. You choose not to get distracted because it’s inimical to your pregnant plan. That’s the why; the (why) is your choice. Ever wondered why your mum carried you for nine months before you were born? You don’t need to think about it! She did so she can love someone from her, someone to call her “mummy”, someone to live for. That’s her why! Her choice!

If our why, the reason why we condition ourselves not to glue our eyes to TV, not to party, not to engage in meaningless enterprise, not to hit the hay unnecessarily is greater beyond measures, then  distractions is no issue to contend with. The choice is yours!
Be proudly pregnant and find your why. Make a choice!
Dreams never die only you can kill it!

© The pen

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