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Friday, 29 April 2016


An African proverb says: the slow pace of a tortoise does not mean it won’t get to its destination. Parents sit their children especially those budding into adulthood and lecture them endlessly on the literal meaning of the proverb. They disseminate the ideology that one must be wary, one must possess patience and it should be a golden virtue to be successful in life .Furthermore, they claim that our dreams, our ambitions, our hopes and aspirations should be something we tread gently so as not to become tear-eyed and paint our legacy with shame.

Old age comes with wisdom and it becomes difficult to dispute these ideas but with the advent of things and the pace with which developments has overwhelmed our modern society one may have a rethink and wonder it these Methuselah ideas still holds water.

Life has been overwhelmed with dynamic speeds that the modern society is still trying frantically to catch up with. Competitions between man has skyrocketed in business cycles, political spheres, private establishments, public sectors, entertainment industry and even religious organizations to a point where one has to be brutal and sturdy enough to fit in; a mere iota of weakness could be the beginning of ones undoing.

The glory days of our parents were the easy going type. Platforms were readily available to encourage talents not to mention waves of massive supports that greeted people who had initiatives.
Those days have been eroded by the passage of time replaced by a trend commonly captioned as “OYO (on your own).Men have rouse up to the dawn of reality. A man with big dreams does not even run with the fast pace of tortoise; he knows that his fellow man is willing to usurp his position and even jet ahead of him.

Today we see the teeming population of people milling like a colony struggling to hold fast to the train of life lest their dreams, hopes and aspirations become bloodied after being dragged by the harsh and unfriendly adversity of life. Do not label them as “busy body”; the rat race of the modern society has evolved into what can be rightly tagged as TEMPLE RUN.

Man is running to its dreams through the labyrinth of life bereft of the time to even ponder on the path he treads upon. This was not the norm that reigned in the primeval days of our old folks where systems were automated to please is now a matter of proving your worth; show the world you deserve your spot at the mountain top or dance to the humiliation of backing the rear. At least savoury crumbs that fell from the table of life could satisfy lazy men in antiquated days; not anymore!

The internet came like a puppy, tender and friendly only to bloom shortly into a vast and expansive contraption making life a comfort zone as well as a nightmare. Yes a nightmare!

As a comfort zone, we are able to sit with ease and exchange information billions of square miles within seconds through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc. people get fast and ready answers by searching Google or asking Wikipedia with their smartphones, you do not need to fly Arik Air just to engage Uncle Egboka in a chat neither do you need to board Virgin America to gossip with Aunt Magg; A click with your mobile phone and you see Uncle Jeb’s baldy head on your screen through video calls.

Let your imaginations wander like a lost traveller and figure the vast goody benefits of the internet yourself. By nightmare, it’s not your regular masquerade chasing dreams neither is it your nightly ghost haunted paroxysms; far from it!

The internet contains exhaustive information of people with outstanding skills and unrivalled qualities making it inherently difficult to even create your niche. The big Apple, the wealthy Microsoft and the smart Google are seeking for professionals these days, not quacks! How then do you compete as a fresh graduate from that prestigious college with pros thick in the game? Now that’s a nightmare you don’t want to experience.

It’s even more ironic to see parents nowadays yelling their heads off at their sit home doing nothing grownups children, why? It’s pretty obvious; old folks now accept that even the fast pace of a leopard does not get you anywhere! They realize that perhaps it’s time to let go of those arcane ideas of chasing your dreams with the pace of a tortoise. Your dreams and ambitions are likened to a temple run game, the difference being you racing towards them.

 Now the question is: where do you stand? Perhaps you the crumbs falling from the table eating folk, good luck with that; the twenty-first century has no room for extravagance! Or maybe you are the “dream big doing nothing” type, good luck with that also; Mark Zuckerberg made his first millions when he was still in college!

Funny enough, the world also teem with the work your ass get peanuts set of people. That’s uncanny! You are probably wondering why, maybe you are one of those folks in this scary category. This is where the truth comes in: do these peoples have dreams and visions for life? If yes, how often do they come up with ideas to achieve these dreams? It’s not always enough to have big dreams; what’s more important is to chase them as if you can’t breathe without it.

Great men are finding better ways of chasing their dreams, they seek to improve every day and move to the next stage of their visions. Are you chasing those dreams or are you sitting on your butt waiting for manna to rain down from heaven?, well the choice is yours!

Dreams never die only you can kill it. Ruminate through these last words…..


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