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Friday, 5 February 2016


She held me in her tender hands  
Beads of sweat cascading from her forehead
My cries crushing the thousand pains she
Endured She smiled with contentment as i nursed at her

She would not part with me for a second
Even when the stranger garbed in white tried to
Snatch me.

She stretched her hand spanking my bottom
Her words like volcano piercing my feeble mind
My cries reminding her of the thousand pain she
Her soft heart palpitating for my sake
Her warm hands wiping my guilty tears
Her soothing words easing my pains.

She looked into my eyes with delight from the
My bride walking down the aisle flanked by her
I was parting her for my bride by my side
She smiled with contentment as i took my vow
I was still the suckling that gave her the joy of

© The pen

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