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Friday, 5 February 2016


Good and Evil; virtue and vice; these are two unforeseen forces that has contended with each other overtime to determine the fate of our universe since the inception of Man. Questions which arises to justify and ascertain how these forces has affected the life of man would be; of these two forces which is more prevalent?, Which has seemingly overwhelmed the conditions in which our modern society is built on?, Which has always had a foremost position in shaping the precepts of different stages of civilization?.

 It is not unusual to see Evil dusting and walloping Good if a vote was casted respectively for these two forces. To the greater denizens of our society, Evil is seen as a malignant force that has visibly shaken the life and existence of Mankind.
This greater attestation to Evil has been made manifest in the unseemly events that has pillaged and ravaged the habitat of Man. Evil breed such elements as wickedness, hatred, revenge, despair, malice in the heart of Men. For example, constant agitation of war between nations has led to outcomes that even the human mind cannot comprehend. Life are lost unnecessarily between the warring factions,
Men are butchered as if in Abattoirs, Women and young girls are subjected to the most inhuman treatment that one can conceive not to mention the emotional and psychological tussle that they have to Suffer, children are thorn away from their families, some of them are sold into slavery or subjected to abuses of all manners, the seed of hatred and Revenge is sown in the heart of those in the receiving end of the War.

Evil seems to spread its ugly fangs far beyond what one could envisage for even our day to day activities is shrouded and gloried in Evil. Our eyes and ears has become accustomed to news from the smaller activities of a pilferer and a pick-pocket to the greater nefarious ones perpetrated by hired-killers, assassins, armed robbers, kidnappers, militants, rebels and even the activities of the government of a nation for which those seated in power has decided to rob the masses filling their pockets with the wealth of the nation thereby reducing its citizens to a state of abject penury. All these put together has made Evil seem the prevalent force.

One may argue, even when Evil seem to have all curried to its domain, does it then put Good out of the question?, does it then obscure Good out of consideration even when Evil seems to come with overwhelming forces that  hits hard on the face of Society does it mean that Good has been totally obliterated?. Certainly not for unlike Evil, Good is an Enigmatic force that put the Vices of Evil into check. One may say that good moves with the pace of a tortoise nevertheless like the same tortoise it moves steadily always sure to arrive at its destination. Good has an indescribable beauty that comes with such elements as happiness, Love, joy, hope and relief putting serenity and smile in the heart of Men in the face of Evil. Evil tries to be Evil because it seeks to prove it is Evil. The same cannot be said of Good as it does not seek to justify itself rather its aim is to subject and suppress Evil to the lowest degrading order. Evil may Glory in its tyranny but good will always come to snatch it at the end.

Deep down in our heart we always wish to see Good outshine the elements of Evil, this is the untainted beauty of Good for which Evil is Jealous of; it knows it will never be like Good. A rather compelling truth about these two forces is that both will always contend which other; for how long we may never know. To you reading this now, what is your thought of Evil and of Good? Which do you see standing out in their endless battle? Is it GOOD or is it EVIL.

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