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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


The man staggered through the popular street of Tombia .The Street was teeming with life on this particular was obvious even to the blind that something was astir on this particular night. Despite the unusual hustle and bustle, people managed to avoid the man walking with difficulty. One or two person often stopped in their tracks to examine the figure. The man seemed not to bother at the embarrassing looks from people staring at him. His mind was dead to the world. He trudges along the street with no destination in particular.

He chanced to wipe the blood that was dripping from his forehead with his left hand. His eyes caught a glimpse of the watch on his wrist dashed almost to pieces but working well. He mused to himself as he discovered that it was 11:30pm to midnight. He hissed indignantly but his ears caught the sound of shouting coming from a church not far from his was a cheerful shouting ,one that was filled with joy, happiness and praises. Why the shouting at this odd hour he wondered. The answer came almost immediately. It was December 31st and a cross over service was going on in the church.

For 5 minutes he stood, his eyes leveled at the church building. There was something from the church that was drawing his was awakening his mind. Suddenly he came back to his faculties. A surge of disgust swept over him as he inspected himself. He was a mess, pummeled beyond recognition. He noticed the blood oozing from his nose and forehead. His two cheeks molded like
"puff-puff. Several wounds of various degrees were all over his body and he later discovered the deep cut at the center of his head. He seemed to weaken instantly, the manliness drained from him. He was a THIEF and had been caught in the act. He was lucky to be saved by an unknown who had pleaded with his captors to spear him.

Suicide was the best alternative to the Man .He had been nothing all his life. He was a thief, a pick-pocket, a fraudster, a ruffian and above all a NOBODY. He would end it all since life had turned him into a nuisance. Tonight was the perfect moment to rid the world of a NONENTITY. He turned in the opposite direction and took two steps only to stop. He could not understand. He turned looking at the church battling the force drawing him towards the building.

The man found himself walking towards the church. With each step he took he realized that the force became stronger. It was 11:59pm when he got to the entrance. He hesitantly entered the building without people noticing. Everybody was agog with excitement each holding a the uproar of shouting and jumping the preacher discerned the lonesome Man. He beckoned on him to come forward. The man hesitated for a while and then summoning up the courage he could muster he walked towards the preacher with tears streaming down from his eyes.

It was the man's resolve. He was finding a new life and a new beginning. His eyes fell on the wall clock behind the preacher just as he was kneeling before the preacher. It was 12:10am.It was a NEW YEAR and the MAN had taken a resolve

(C) The pen




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