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Thursday, 16 June 2016


Push! Push! Push!

Congratulations, it’s a healthy baby boy.

The profound fulfillment and ineffable satisfaction that goes with 
successful child delivery is something that men would never fully understand. Little wonder, mothers especially first-time mums 
stream into tears of joy when the medico garbed in white spills the “golden news”.

If you are a lady and your daughter-mother relationship hasn’t 
bloomed to the point where your mum intimates you in a tete-a-
tete on the joy of motherhood, perhaps you may want to re-adjust your stoic relationship with your m
um in order to be schooled properly before being adorned with the insignia of motherhood.

Monday, 6 June 2016


Mama gripped the pestle tightly landing blows repeatedly on the mortar without mercy; the afternoon heat from the sun added to the stream of sweat that trickled from her slender neck. She was preparing Fufu and Egusi soup for papa who sat in a reclining position under the Mango tree in front of our red mud house. Papa was steadily sipping his palm wine listening to the blaring music sounding from his new transistor radio that uncle Egboka had acquired for him on his way from the big town.

Ekene my seven year old little brother nudged me by the side trying to draw my attention to the drawing on the sandy ground he squatted over.

“Mine is better than yours” he chatted excitedly to me pointing to a second drawing that was similar to his.

The grumbling of my stomach prevented me from replying to his taunts, my eyes were glued to the

Friday, 29 April 2016


An African proverb says: the slow pace of a tortoise does not mean it won’t get to its destination. Parents sit their children especially those budding into adulthood and lecture them endlessly on the literal meaning of the proverb. They disseminate the ideology that one must be wary, one must possess patience and it should be a golden virtue to be successful in life .Furthermore, they claim that our dreams, our ambitions, our hopes and aspirations should be something we tread gently so as not to become tear-eyed and paint our legacy with shame.

Old age comes with wisdom and it becomes difficult to dispute these ideas but with the advent of things and the pace with which developments has overwhelmed our modern society one may have a rethink and wonder it these Methuselah ideas still holds water.

Life has been overwhelmed with dynamic speeds that the modern society is still trying frantically to catch up with. Competitions between man has skyrocketed in business cycles, political spheres, private establishments, public sectors, entertainment industry and even religious organizations to a point where one has to be brutal and sturdy enough to fit in; a mere iota of weakness could be the beginning of ones undoing.

Monday, 8 February 2016


"Toofaaaan aiya aiya"

 A voice boomed from an old fashioned black and white TV displaying a motion picture of a figure pulling unbelievable feats of stunts in the air. Kabiru glued his small eyes on the onscreen figure prancing like a horse in the air, his small hands moved rhythmically trying to mimic the crushing blow the figure landed on his assailant. Kabiru's small mind exploded in awe as his hero flushed his assailants with a sweeping move.

"I wan be Toofan"

He squealed in delight to his younger brother, Hassan, who yawned tiredly at the screen reflecting brightly before his sleepy eyes.

“I go protect Aisha from badt-badt boys" Kabiru rattled on like a gramophone.

Hassan fluttered his eyes open trying to subdue the sleep that was stealing over him; Kabiru had spat

Friday, 5 February 2016


She held me in her tender hands  
Beads of sweat cascading from her forehead
My cries crushing the thousand pains she
Endured She smiled with contentment as i nursed at her


Good and Evil; virtue and vice; these are two unforeseen forces that has contended with each other overtime to determine the fate of our universe since the inception of Man. Questions which arises to justify and ascertain how these forces has affected the life of man would be; of these two forces which is more prevalent?, Which has seemingly overwhelmed the conditions in which our modern society is built on?, Which has always had a foremost position in shaping the precepts of different stages of civilization?.

 It is not unusual to see Evil dusting and walloping Good if a vote was casted respectively for these two forces. To the greater denizens of our society, Evil is seen as a malignant force that has visibly shaken the life and existence of Mankind.
This greater attestation to Evil has been made manifest in the unseemly events that has pillaged and ravaged the habitat of Man. Evil breed such elements as wickedness, hatred, revenge, despair, malice in the heart of Men. For example, constant agitation of war between nations has led to outcomes that even the human mind cannot comprehend. Life are lost unnecessarily between the warring factions,

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


The man staggered through the popular street of Tombia .The Street was teeming with life on this particular was obvious even to the blind that something was astir on this particular night. Despite the unusual hustle and bustle, people managed to avoid the man walking with difficulty. One or two person often stopped in their tracks to examine the figure. The man seemed not to bother at the embarrassing looks from people staring at him. His mind was dead to the world. He trudges along the street with no destination in particular.

He chanced to wipe the blood that was dripping from his forehead with his left hand. His eyes caught a glimpse of the watch on his wrist dashed almost to pieces but working well. He mused to himself as he discovered that it was 11:30pm to midnight. He hissed indignantly but his ears caught the sound of shouting coming from a church not far from his was a cheerful shouting ,one that was filled with joy, happiness and praises. Why the shouting at this odd hour he wondered. The answer came almost immediately. It was December 31st and a cross over service was going on in the church.

For 5 minutes he stood, his eyes leveled at the church building. There was something from the church that was drawing his was awakening his mind. Suddenly he came back to his faculties. A surge of disgust swept over him as he inspected himself. He was a mess, pummeled beyond recognition. He noticed the blood oozing from his nose and forehead. His two cheeks molded like